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Hearing Their Voices
Learning Legacies for suicide-related Domestic Homicide Reviews

Domestic abuse is a crime, and most people know that it can sometimes be fatal when perpetrators kill their victims. However, we don’t always consider how domestic abuse can increase the risk of suicide for the victim. How can we better learn from their stories to prevent future deaths? 

Working with Professor Vanessa Munro, University of Warwick, and Sarah Dangar, former Deputy Chief Executive of Advocacy after Fatal Domestic Abuse, this podcast discusses their research on suicide-related Domestic Homicide Reviews - a key tool for learning from cases to improve policy and practice. The full research report can be accessed here and was funded by the Home Office.

In this standalone episode, we discuss the link between domestic abuse and suicide, and the pressing need to make sure that frontline professionals can identify and support those at risk of suicide related to domestic abuse. We also discuss the importance of improving how Domestic Homicide Reviews are conducted, and making sure we hear and learn from the stories and voices of victims and their families. 

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