The Age of Consent Podcast

Working with Warwick University's Laura Lammasniemi, funded by the Leverhume Trust, this five-part series explores ideas about consent, where they’ve come from and how we tend to use them, particularly in our laws, and how these ideas have evolved both legally and socially. 

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Consent is the cornerstone of our current laws on rape and sexual offences - but that wasn’t always the case. In this episode, we explore the history of the legal evolution of consent



There is a divide between legal theory and legal practice. What impact does this have on access to justice in the context of rape? In this episode, we think about credibility and court processes in practice. 



Consent is not just a legal matter - it’s cultural one. What are our social frameworks for thinking about consent? In this episode, we look at how we talk and think about consent.



The way we legislate and think about consensual sex is flawed. How can we improve it? In this episode, ways in which history, journalism and philosophy can help us think differently about ethical sex.



Are we imagining a world without rape, or are we imagining a world where every rapist is locked up? In this episode we look at how the boundaries of consent could be changed to help enable ethical sex, and also question whether consent is the best conceptual framework to do this in the first place. 


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