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Amrita Ahluwalia-McMeddes (PhD)

Researcher in Moral Psychology

Amrita completed her PhD in social psychology at Edinburgh University in 2020. Her thesis focused on moral values and how they influence people’s decisions and social views. She also researches relationships between majority and minority groups. She teaches statistics and research methods in Psychology at the University of Dundee and is passionate about supporting students to do high-quality research.

Amrita is a great critical thinker and writes in a way that is both simple and accurate. She makes sure everything we do at narrativematters does justice to the research that is being discussed. 

Gabrielle Blackburn (MSc)

Works on strategic development for a CSO

Gabrielle is a cognitive scientist by training, and has always enjoyed trans-disciplinary work. 


This manifests in her work at narrativematters, where she brings together  practitioners, researchers, and activists, to discuss the stories we tell about the world.

She has also always enjoyed creating digital art, including video, audio, and graphic work.


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