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“For this project, the main way in which

The Scottish Feminist Judgments Podcast

Working with Edinburgh University's Feminist Judgements Project. we created a a podcasts series based on 3 cases discussed in the book. We interviewed legal academics, as well as practitioners and activists. Together, we discussed how the law doesn't operate in quite as neutral way as we would like to think, and what we can do to rectify this, to build a legal system that is fairer. 

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This episode, we are using Drury’s appeal to take a closer look at the impact of history and cultural legacies on our legal system.

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In this third and final episode, we will look at the Coyle’s case to explore whether there is difference between the spirit of a law and the way it is applied in practice.

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Whose stories are told in court? Whose stories matter? What type of evidence is deemed legally relevant, and what type is disregarded?

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Bonus Ep.

In this bonus episode, we discuss the impact that feminist judgments can have, and how they are meaningful.

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